Massage device targeting computer gamer hands.

The device in the thumbnail picture is for massaging your hands.

Now, if you merge that design together with the design below, it becomes awesome looking!

You can go with a more traditional approach and get hexagonal shapes.

Your K/D ratio is going to significantly improve as you put your hand into it between the game rounds.

The Gamer Hand Masssage device:
*Promotes blood circulation;
*Relieves stress;
*Reduces fatigue;
*Soothes muscle;
*Improves joint mobility;
*Improves mental alertness;
*Reduces anxiety;
*Increase range of motion.

Basically your stats for Accuracy, Dexterity, Movements and Alertness will SKY ROCKET!

(this could be used for marketing purposes, showing cool STAT BARS going up in numbers after the use of this device!)

You can pick up different times for massages: 10 seconds, 30 seconds … 1 minute etc.

Imagine fancy, flashy, vertical metrics going up numbers together with sound-effects sound effects as you keep it in to make it feel like your hand is really being charged up for the next round!

Today’s gamers are STIFF throughout their bodies alongside with hands. It is due to the position we remain in for hours and the limited motion of hand use.

The listed benefits of massaging are backed by science and common sense.

To get this thing rolling you could create a protoype of it and run a KickStarter campaign.

I am certain this would get lots of interests are there are probably more 1,000,000,000 gamers out in the world.

It is an excellent gift to any games and it also be an excellent aid supported by your parents to improve your gaming efficiency and  health!