Kickstarter is full of untapped resources + business idea!

This article will be divided into two parts.

Part 1 – I will share a simple idea you could pursue;
Part 2 – I will tell you how to use Kickstarter to your advantage for coming up with an idea to do fundraising on.

Let’s begin.

Part 1.

The project I am about to present was a scam, but the idea was legit and could have been, in theory, made into reality, thus delivering the promised product to its backers.

The product in question is a self-rechargeable, electronic lighter:

 As you can see they raised more than $100,000 and had thousands of backers.

The idea for the product is great – a lighter which you do not have to refill ever again, you just have to recharge it with some shaking. The claimed that the science behind it was ”a combination of electromagnetic induction and electric arc”.

The sales page for this crowdfunding was okay, but no clear evidence behind the blueprint was presented.

What I like about this idea is that it could be doable, in theory.

For example, you could charge it in a similar way the ”Rechargeable Mini Lamp Flashlight with Hand Crank Squeeze Pressing Energy” works.

What if you used a similar mechanism for charging up enough power to light up a cigarette with just around 20 squeezes?

You could even advertise it as a device that not only can do that but also make your hand stronger.

Or maybe you could use one of these power-balls which produce an insane amount of rotations per second. This could charge up some energy + the arm training bonus. It was a pretty cool exercise machine not too long ago, it went viral I believe.

 Maybe you could turn one of those power-balls into a power-bank which you can keep on charging while on the go. This is a cool idea.

Part 2.

The second part is about the enormous amount of great ideas that KickStarter holds.

You could be looking into projects from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 etc and find some ideas that did not get enough funding (perhaps they were too early to put out in the mass-market) or were plains scams, but could, in theory, be made into reality – just like this rechargeable lighter idea.