Hunted House + Escape Room

This is an extremely cool business idea.

It is a low risk investment too.

1. Buy an old house which is not far away from the capital city. It should look hunted and without any major damages. It has now become your asset;
2.  Make it into an escape room with a Hunted House theme.

An escape room is a 60-minute real-life adventure game. At The Escape Game, teams will assemble in a themed room and have one hour to complete a mission – and ultimately escape the room! To solve an escape room, teams will be required to find hidden clues and solve a series of challenging puzzles (connect things, decode words, find and use a key, use weighting system to lift something up, use ropes to pull things, use lasers to open doors, give math problems, color patterns etc)

It is now basically an escape HOUSE, which is better.

The cool thing about this is that you can go very creative about the puzzles and horror elements here:
* mechanically, remotely control the opening and closing of doors to make it seem like someone is using them;
* add speakers in random places to run weird noises and sounds occasionally;
* color all the windows in dark color so they always feel like it is a night time inside;
* get flickering lights;
* have dark rooms;
* have timers for various things such as a hole opening or something;

This is the kind of setting I was thinking about:

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Make this into a cool business for adults to try. Lets say you charge $100 for 6 people per hour a day. You could pull $500 revenue per day. Eventually you could turn this into a franchise where you sell rights for others to use your Brand Name in other places, countries with different settings of the house, different looks etc.

The best part is that you can get a hunted looking house for low price and it might only require little handyman work to set it up for business.

The second best part is that it is really a low risky investment, because you can always try to flip the house back for the money you invested or even more!