Get a piece of action on one of the most popular cryptocurrencies

Ethereum is one of the top three cryptocurrencies in the world, with a market capitalization of almost $14 Billion. That’s a large number, considering how Ethereum coins are priced orders of magnitude lower than Bitcoin, which sits at just under $80 Billion market cap in total.

Part of the reason is, Ethereum has maintained a steadier price than Bitcoin. Not only are there more Ethereum coins in total (100 Million+ as compared to only 21 Million BTC), the Ethereum blockchain is being used for other purposes as well, such as smart contracts which enable developers to build secure, decentralized applications for industries such as supply chain.

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  • An Ethereum-based company that offers applications with smart contracts, which can be used for tracking the authenticity of goods
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  • An Ethereum trading platform allowing users to sell or buy Ethereum “chunks”
  • A blog about Ethereum and cryptocurrency in general
  • A repository of cryptocurrency/Ethereum knowledge for enthusiasts who are looking for information “chunks”
  • A forum for connecting crypto enthusiasts and providing valuable cryptocurrency-related advice, especially Ethereum
  • An Ethereum archive, monitoring and recording the currency’s progress and price history, and major events related to it, along with other statistics such as market capitalization etc.

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