Dead Business Brands With Big Traffic

1. Find a recently closed business which were selling products online;
2. Set-up a website similar to it – design wise, product wise (you can use AliExpress for this) and domain name wise (get a similar domain name or simply add a ”store” to the original website name (an idea);
3. Rank it on Google after the brand name to get the 1st position (it is best for the old business brand’s website to be down, so that you can rank easily);
4. Serve the customers.

This is a great business idea because you are getting instant targeted traffic to your website (previous customers for the original business). Make sure the brand name is not trademarked.

To find recently dead online store brand names you could.
1. use;
2. check business directories and skim through all the businesses to find the ones that are no longer working;
3. search Google for ”recently closed” or ”bankrupt” news for various niches;
4. other methods.