Buy And Become Part Of The Blockchain History

Are you looking to make a name for yourself in the crypto market? The rise of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has given the blockchain technology a boost, and it is now being applied to many different industries. The crypto market, like the world wide web when it first came into being, is rapidly expanding, giving rise to new opportunities. And you can be a memorable part of it, today!

If you’ve been looking to start or own a creative project in the crypto market space, is your chance to have something unique for a fraction of the cost it would take to build a new project from the ground-up.

What is CryptoPiece? is a project inspired by the Million Dollar Homepage project that was launched in 2015. The origin idea was to have a single page containing a canvas of 1 Million pixels. These pixels could be purchased at $1 per pixel by anyone willing to advertise their products or services, and become a part of internet advertising history. Over the years, many others have tried mimicking the project, albeit unsuccessfully. With the advert of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, CryptoPiece promises to be the new million dollar homepage, but for products and services in the crypto market.

Instead of selling individual pixels, the idea is to sell entire blocks to make it cheaper and easier for advertisers. The homepage has a total of 2,500 blocks, with an advertiser being able to buy multiple blocks.

The project, launched in 2017, along with multiple advertising campaigns on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

Why should you buy

Since its launch, the project has SODL all 2,500 blocks of advertising. These ads are strictly for crypto projects, ICOs, and crypto-related services. It is now an immutable part of crypto history – one that you can be a part of by owning it.

For the tech (and crypto) savvy, CryptoPiece is a premium domain name which alone is worth purchasing. But the piece of history that it comes with is priceless.

The website contains a homepage along with an administration panel that can be used by the site owner to keep track of advertisers. Advertisers can sign up and purchase ad-spots, and pay through Coinpayments payment system. Advertisers create links from their ad to their own project websites. Furthermore, they can also set some text or image to be displayed when a visitor hovers over their ad. The purchase comes with complete built-in functionality.

Buy it before it auctions!

The project is scheduled to be auctioned in November 2020, with bids starting at $10,000. However, interested buyers can own this amazing piece of crypto history at $5,000 before the auction, which will give them complete purchase rights. The buyer can then leave the project as it is, or modify and grow it as they see fit.

What are you waiting for? Snatch up the website now before someone else gets to it!

A little history about the project:

I enjoy browsing forums that discuss ways of building wealth online and offline. The spectrum of opportunities available is endless. Some ideas require little to no capital investment while some require a few thousand dollars and a great deal of knowledge to get yourself started.

I enjoy researching and tinkering with business ideas that are creative, engaging, relatively easy to develop and require very little capital investment and have the potential to bring in strong income.

Trends are always changing and often successful and popular things form the past come back with all sorts of added features. 13 years ago there was a successful business project that revolved around people being able to buy pixels on a ”pixel board”, called The Million Dollar Homepage . It is one of my favorite ideas because it’s super fun, require minimal work and has the potential to go viral in a very short period. I believe that anyone can successfully execute this business idea, especially with today’s technology. There have been numerous attempts to revive this idea for different purposes and I do not think anyone has succeeded as much as the original creator. I believe it is still possible to twist it in so many unique ways and make a solid income out of it. On summer 2017 I found someone to pitch this successful business idea on I thought this is the perfect time to give it a try. I purchased a domain name for it, it is called and I estimated it would take me around 1 month to go from idea to finished product. It went live right before the peak of the magnificent cryptocurrency bull run on December 2017

The Million Dollar Homepage idea has stuck with me since it was first created years ago. In 2017 I decided to make a close replica of the original idea and aim it towards advertising cryptocurrency and blockchain projects of all sort – the current financial, technology and economy trend. It took me around 2 weeks to get the website ready for business. The reason for making it as close as possible to the original idea was to provoke nostalgic feelings in old users who are most likely still browsing the internet and making money online, and I succeeded. Many people were mesmerized by it and I started by selling 1,000,000 pixels for $0.50 each. Which was 50% cheaper than on the original idea’s website.

I started by joining the most popular live cryptocurrency technical analysis YouTube Live stream where I got the word out about my website. The owner of the stream instantly recognized my websites idea and was ready to purchase an ad-block for his website when he got his website sorted out.

Soon after the launch, I decided to advertise my project offline in front of a blockchain event that was going on close to where I was at that time. I went to a local sticker production office and ordered myself a dozen stickers. I then rented a fancy looking car, placed the stickers on its windows and parked it right next to the event’s main doors. My aim was to get the attendees of the blockchain event to take pictures to post online where the can be easily seen by a large cryptocurrency audience. 

I advertised my project on cryptocurrency and blockchain related Discord servers by making frequent posts on them of all sort, some engaging, some informing, some funny, some provoking while my nickname was or simply Cryptopiece. I have been posting regularly on Instagram focusing my efforts towards top concurrency communities.

On YouTube I published several videos and participated in live stream chats with Tone, Roger, Richard, Boxmining, Ivan on tech and many others. received a few live shout outs from carious streamers including Trevon, the infamous BCH shill. He mentioned Cryptopiece several times and checked out the website on his live streams, twice.

With Reddit I focused on posting in various sub-reddits all related to cryptocurrency. I appeared in the comment sections of different Medium and Steemit articles and made frequent Bitcointalk posts. You can also get a daily update on the crypto market overview by following me on Twitter. A very crucial part of any business is where and how you market it. The most traffic I got I received was direct and Reddit was close behind.

Shortly after, I received a lot of feedback. The price per pixel was too expensive and people were saying the pixel selling idea was overused which lead me to make some changes.  Instead of selling 1,000,000 pixels, I started to sell 2,500 advertisement blocks. Each block would have 400 pixels in it for relatively cheap prices – I tried to sell the blocks for $99, $49, $19, $9, $5 and $2. I sold most of the blocks at the price of $9 and the number of available spaces has been greatly reduced. The video below is my first promo video.

As you can see, I did not have the polished logo yet and my aim was to get $500,000 out of this project. It is a lot of money and I was ready to return significant value back to the advertisers. I was ready to promote my website at the DC Blockchain Summit 2018 – I found out about my options for promoting my website at the event. Additionally, my original idea was to make a hand painting of the full ad-grid which would have been placed in the first Bitcoin museum in Tel Aviv. I got in talks with the owner of the establishment and he was really excited, but due to downgrade of price per ad-block I was not able to move forward with the museum. Needless to say, people were not happy.

To further promote my project and engage my audience I run a few contests where my followers could win free ad-blocks to advertise their projects by liking an Instagram post and tagging two cryptocurrency friends. This became my top post on Instagram! While running this contest, I found a bigger cryptocurrency Instagram profile who posted the contest for me on this profile, for a limited time, and it got up to 500 likes and 100+ comments.

The second contest was less successful. I suppose it was due to the fact that I did not advertise it on another, more established cryptocurrency profile.

Additionally, I run a few ”roll” posts on 4Chan /biz/ where the users could win free ad-blocks in order to get more exposure to my website and to get new advertisers appear on my ad-grid. Someone on the Cryptex discord server sent me a link to (Chantiment indexes all posts made on 4chan /biz/ and creates charts.) and the results were quite amusing.

Here is the second video I made to advertise my project on YouTube.

Here is the ad-poster that I used to post in various places.

Sometimes I find a publication written about me: Cryptopiece seeks to become cryptos million dollar homepage

To get a more effective launch for my project I should have made a teaser landing page where people could opt-in for a website launch notification to their email. There is a great tool called KickOffLabs (Grow your email list with proven campaigns that go viral) that can be used to help project grow. I also believe I should have grown my social media presence by hyping this upcoming project which would have helped me gain followers eager to find out what I am doing. This would certainly have given me an effective boost. Additionally, I could have re-vamped and modernized the Million Dollar Homepage script for this project but, instead,  I went for that nostalgic established design. Another fact worth mentioning is that I had no reputation or trust in the beginning, at all, and my prices and ambitions were much too high. I had to continuously reduce the price to find a sweet spot for which people were comfortable buying ad-block on my website with. I should have agreed on more opportunities to exchange my ad-block for an advertisement on various websites and blogs.

Interestingly enough there are websites that have tried to pursue the same aim. Some have been quite successful. Here is a list of some of the websites I have stumbled upon:
1. Satoshi’s Place

2. The Thousand Ether Homepage

3. EOSwall

All ad-blocks will stay on my website until November 2020 minimum. When the date gets nearer I will start a massive auction campaign which will draw a lot of attention to the website. Until then, I will continue to increase the website’s exposure on cryptocurrency and blockchain communities and I will develop it further in various ways.

All in all, it was a great learning experience to work on this project. I learned how to manage my time better, how to conduct research on the web, how to communicate with potential advertisers, how to remain persistent with your goals, how to develop and manage a small online business and how to think from different perspectives. Every morning, or the day before, I made around 7-12 bullet points which set goals that I had to accomplish for the day. I have learned how the different social media platforms work and how to capitalize on them. Additionally, I gained a strong understanding of the cryptocurrency market and blockchan technology. I read through popular Bitcoin, altcoin, and blockchain news and discussions every day. I found tons of useful resources, I learned about different exchanges, concepts, personalities, ideas, visions, propositions and much more. I stumbled upon tons of cryptocurrency and blockchain memes and a cool rapper called CoinDaddy. Along the way, I met really positive and some really negative people. The key is to quickly ignore the negative, non-constructive ones and focus on your aim to the positive communities for best results. I will keep exposing my website on cryptocurrency and blockchain communities until the ad-grid gets full. I recommend that you check out my advertisers on I am sure you will find something useful or a new project to invest in.

I will auction the website at around November 2020. The starting price is going to be $10,000. If you want to get it now, it will cost you $5k, but you will have to wait until November 2020 to fully receive the entire project will all its assets.