A premium domain name available for all things Bitcoin!

Are you a cryptocurrency or Bitcoin enthusiast, and are looking for a cool business idea around this interest of yours? Or perhaps you’re a startup company dealing with crypto in one way or another, and are trying to create brand identity? In any case, you will be looking for an impactful domain name.

Look no further than

BTC, as you might already know, is short for Bitcoin, the first and most popular (and valuable) digital cryptocurrency in the world. Starting off small, the currency hit a staggering $19,780 per coin, almost making it a $300 Billion market. After many drops, Bitcoin currently stands at a more modest $8,650 per coin, with a total market capitalization of $154 Billion.

Bitcoin’s price isn’t consistent, but its gossip is. Bitcoin is the subject of many a conversation, and is its price is monitored and debated over regularly. Despite the drop in price, there’s no lessening the popularity of the topic. Many people have invested in Bitcoin. Others monitor the price keenly, looking to invest at the right time in hopes that prices will soar again. is an adaptable domain name for various business ideas. It is ideal for different scenarios, some of which include:

  • A blog about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general
  • A repository of resources for cryptocurrency beginners or enthusiasts
  • A forum for connecting crypto enthusiasts and providing valuable cryptocurrency-related advice, especially Bitcoin
  • A form for trading Bitcoin
  • A Bitcoin archive, monitoring and recording the coin’s progress and price history, major events related to Bitcoin, and other statistics such as market capitalization.
  • A full-blown corporation allowing the sale or purchase of Bitcoin and offering other services such as digital wallets, currency trading and so on (similar to Coinbase)

Not only is easy to remember, it is also short and hence very valuable. The shorter a domain name, the more expensive it is. A 7-letter domain name related to Bitcoin has a lot of inherent value.

What will it cost? $1,999 is my asking price. That’s not a lot when you consider the ornate value of the domain name, and the fact that it can be used in many ways, commercial or otherwise. Additionally, you will also get ownership for the following, related social media accounts.

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