Million Dollar Homepage

Anyone can make extra $25,000 per year by using the updated Million Dollar Replica which allows you to sell advertising space in form of pixel blocks of all size on your website!

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The Original business idea netted the owner $1,000,000 million dollars in profit in less than a year. You can see the original website here-

I made a replica of this idea’s success targeting  the crypto niche and it netted me over $25,000 dollars in profit in less than a year.

The Million Dollar Homepage website code is fully automated and comes complete with all the features which enable webmasters to provide a pixel-selling service with high efficiency and very little intervention required to keep it running.

* To make an order, Advertisers choose which pixels they want and place them on order. These pixels become ‘reserved’ and cannot be chosen by anyone else.

* When the user completes a payment, the reserved pixels are marked as ‘sold’. If the Admin cancels the user’s order, the pixels are placed back as ‘available’. (Confirmed orders can only be deleted by Admin)

Advertisers upload images by themselves and manage their own link text.

* The Admin approves the images and links added by the Advertisers. Admin can reject user’s image, or cancel the user’s order completely.

Advertisers can place orders and pay with PayPal, Coinpayments (1000+ cryptocurrencies), 2Chekout or other payment methods. The transactions are processed automatically using a callback system, and there is also functionality for Admins to fulfill orders manually.


* You can decide the amount of blocks you want and the size of them;

You can see all the information about the advertisers and take various actions;

You can see all the completed orders and do various actions;

You can edit any user’s account details;

You can completely edit any user’s advertisement if necessary.