6. Business idea

This is an interesting social experiment idea. The idea involves a clean, hard x.  The idea is to this with a that you to out a specific x.

Once the receives the you have to the to the on the front x.

The actual can be as follows: 1) You can x the first free available and you can only use one x. 2) Hand the to a you to carry out the and you should not keep it for longer than x x.

At the x of the you where to the back.

Once you receive the you can do a number of things. You could either it or start x/x about one per x.

This could contain a lot of x x, exciting x, new which could be collected from the x x of the world.

The can be on, xxx etc.

This can develop in many interesting ways you previously could not imagine. To make it more effective I would open a website for this project where you write exactly what it is about, and you appear on social media websites as frequently as possible.