13. Business ideas

This business idea takes the x x x to the next level!

It requires some basic logical understanding, nothing that cant be learned in an hour.

Imagine the normal session of a x x where you get to x a x x. They are very x these days. The most x x have taken the x x in x where people can x to get the x x x whatever they want.

My idea is to completely x the x of x.

Now imagine if you could x your x x and pay x to x and x a x x x! The x one only of course. With the same idea of x a x in order to x an x on x x can be x to hundreds of x. You could x x to x on, or x the x, also to x a very x x of your x. You could additionally x on the x which would x a big chunk of x to the x of the x. You could also x a x of a x full of x. Do not x them thou. The ideas here are endless, you could also add a x to your x.

This is how I imagine the the x would look like.