If you are somewhat knowledgeable in a field or two, you could create and publish an online course on The more trending the niche, the better it is going to be for earning money.

Not long ago I published an online course in the programming niche. This topic is very popular today and it is growing. Knowledge in this field lays the foundation of the future. This is a very good time to start creating authority in this field, as the new generation of people is showing more interest in this field.

I started it because I had a massive interest in programming. The idea of programming my own games and other cool applications was super exciting. I started to research the internet on which programming language is the best to learn and why. When I got overflooded with information, I began to frequent local bookstores to find a great tutorial for learning programming fundamentals. I bought a book which explains the subject matter for kids. This is the best way to learn something completely new with the simplest terms and examples possible. I purchased a domain name for this project I decided to document my learning process and make a paid Udemy course out of it.

I dedicated my time and effort towards structuring the video scripts, writing the text, recording the voice and putting it all together into a complete Scratch programming for beginners online course. I researched the most important aspects on how to make a great Udemy course.

Scratch programming on
Scratch is a visual programming language where users can create online and offline projects, and develop them into almost anything by using a simple block-like interface. It was developed at the MIT Media Lab.

Check it out here: Scratch programming online course
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What I like about Scratch is that you can start coding right away from their website. If you go to this link Programming Max projects you can find a list of all the games that I have programmed on my online Scratch account. The cool part about the online editor is that you can see the entire code for the project and you can change the code right away!

Programming max projects

If you want to start programming, I definitely recommend taking my course.. It is a great stepping stone towards more complicated programming languages.

I researched the most popular keyword phrases in the Scratch programming niche. Based on them, I wrote many unique articles which I posted on my website. They are now ranking on Google’s search engine.

Writing articles itself is an art form, as you have to consider all kinds of factors if you want to get ranked by Google it top positions. There is a desirable amount of keywords to use in an article, the length and number of paragraphs, the length of sentences and much more. You even have to use pictures that, in their source, have keywords related to your article. Additionally, if you embed a YouTube video related to your article – Google will see your article as having an authority,

I could have published this particular beginner programming course as a FREE one, which would certainly have gotten me lots of super targeted students to whom I could later sell the next level programming course developed by ProgrammingMax for a discounted price. allows you to communicate with each of your students. This method works great, especially if your free course is overall great. I know this because I have also published a free fitness and health course which has been seen by 3.5k+ Udemy students.

I have decided to further develop the ProgrammingMax project into a website where programmers and coders can publish their articles on it for free. They will have to be related to programming and coding. It can be your personal work, a project you want to showcase, you can advertise your courses and offer tutorials, you could post articles reviewing different scripts or languages or and anything else that is related to programming and coding. The articles will have to have 500+ words as the minimum.

It was a very educational experience throughout the project. Most importantly I learned the programming fundamentals through Scratch programming which helped me learn the Python programming language a lot quicker. I  also had first-hand experience with a visual programming language which was very easy to use and understand. Additionally, I learned how to use the Camtasia video editing tool, which was a great learning experience too as I nearly used all available features down to very subtle ones.


The website and all its complimentary material (Udemy course, social media profiles, logo and article) are for sale for $1,998.