Mobile app idea for local work.

You could develop a mobile application which connects two sides: employers and employees.

Imagine that one of those jobs needs to be done today with low budget (thus expecting normal delivery quality):

1. Cleaning the garden;
2. Transporting a package;
3. Assembling an IKEA furniture;
4. Moving a pile of planks from one spot to another;
5. Cleaning windows;
6. DJing at an evening party;
7. Video taping something;
8. Painting a wall;
9. Lifting bags from the grocery shop;
10. Sweeping the porch;

etc. Anything basic (as in skill wise) and trivial.

Now, if you could post any of those micro-jobs on a mobile app which then notify all people locally that suit your category – you could save a lot of time doing other more important jobs.

From the employees perspective this is awesome – you can check for quick, local hustles. Maybe there are hundreds of small tasks that need to be done everyday in your local city premises.

You never know, maybe you have a cool handyman or a talented painter living on your street!

You could increase the quality by allowing the employers to rate the employees in their respective category. Thus more high level skill jobs can be published with an expectation for a skilled worker to complete them.

You can think of this like TaskRabbit or ThumbTack  but this is for very small tasks that dont require a lot of skill and should be done ASAP and with a very low budget.

You could make money by charging a certain price for people to post their tasks.

The employers then could pick the right employee by swiping all the interested parties like on Tinder – right for connecting, left for dismissing. You would see their quick profile view, ratings and the amount of ratings.

You could then have a direct call with them to talk out all the details.