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Are you a cryptocurrency enthusiast and would like to own some space in the crypto domain? is a news and investment website for all the crypto buffs out there! It is a premium domain name that is sure to perk up the interest of anyone interested in cryptocurrency and looking for latest news and updates. 

Cryptocurrencies may be slowing down, but the blockchain technology is only picking up! From online payments to local food supply chain to even medical billing, blockchain technology is set to revolutionize a lot of industries. Each year, the number of ICOs and crypto-based projects around the world is nearly doubling, indicating that the mainstream adoption of crypto tech into other applications is all but inevitable. Blockchain is doing to the tech industry what the Internet did 30 years ago. Blockchain tech is here to stay. 

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What is 

The name CryptoHuff comes from its vision – to become the leading source of news and investment-related updates and advise in the crypto domain. In short – to become the HuffPost of the crypto world (HuffPost is a highly reputable news delivery website and network). 

In that respect, is a premium domain name carrying a lot of intrinsic value. Not only is it short and easy to remember, it consists of two dictionary words, one of which is a highly trending keyword as well. Those of you familiar with the sale and purchase of domain names will understand the great value of this name. 

Furthermore, CryptoHuff is a highly brandable name that can be repurposed for a lot of different business ideas, including: 

  • A reputable website for crypto-related news 
  • A crypto-based company that offers applications with smart contracts (through Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency) for tracking authenticity of products  
  • A crypto trading platform or exchange, dealing with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and so on.  
  • An opinionated blog about cryptocurrencies in general  
  • A forum for connecting crypto enthusiasts and providing valuable cryptocurrency-related advice 
  • A cryptocurrency archive that monitors and records each currency’s current progress and price history, and major events related to it, along with other statistics such as market capitalization etc. 

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The domain name is available for purchase at just $2,498 which is a great bargain considering the high brandability of the name which can be used for a variety of purposes. With the purchase, you will also get ownership to related social media accounts, and all the high-quality content already published on the website.  

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