Buying companies with commercial bank credit

  1. You have to find a good performing company that is making profit and where the owner is motivated to sell it due to sickness, lack of interest to run it further, need to liquidate it for money etc;
  2.  You hire a business auditor and a lawyer to audit the company and create a legal report about the companie’s performance;
  3.  Next you go to a commercial bank and ask for credit to buy the company. You will have to show them a report about the companies performance so that they can clearly see what they are dealing with;
  4. When you get the credit you buy the company and you pay back the credit from the profit you make by running the company, preferably better and more effective than the previous owner;
  5. Continue this approach until you have gotten yourself a handful of companies running which are making profit with no more debt from the bank/s. You can now go public with all your network of companies;
  6. Sell your share if you want to.