Boost your local merchants accepting cryptocurrency

This business idea is perfectly suited for people who want to travel the country, regions of the world and are interested in blogging about their experience while showing  big support for cryptocurrencies.

The idea is to start an online blog where you write about how you live your everyday life while using cryptocurrency/ies only. You have to use it for common purchases such as buying food, renting living space, getting a car, attending events, etc.

While you are pursuing this endeavor, you could be capitalising on all the service providers and product seller by interviewing them about their choice of accepting a certain cryptocurrency/ies, what were the obstacles they stumbled upon in the process of implementing its use, what is their overall satisfaction level and how it could be done better.

It can be a fun read for crypto enthusiasts, especially to those who support a certain crypto project.

This is also an excellent way to advertise various businesses that accept cryptocurrency/ies. This way people can find out that their local merchant is accepting a cryptocurrency they are currently holding!

You could even get funding or sponsorship from a certain cryptocurrency project to visit shops that exclusively accept their cryptocurrency.

Just make sure your content is of high quality and interesting for the readers.

This way you will  get a lot of support from cryptocurrency communities to keep you going.

All in all this endeavor can be fun, especially if you live in an area where you have many local merchants dealing with cryptocurrencies.

It can help spread more awareness of a certain cryptocurrency, it can get you feedback on how easy/difficult it is to use a certain cryptocurrency, it motivates that merchants to keep accepting it as a payment and you can earn a lot of money by receiving support from cryptocurrency communities.

The project shows all the cryptocurrency merchants and ATMs of the world on one map.