Premium domain name available for purchase


Bitcoin is one of the hottest and most debated topic in the tech and finance worlds these days. While some people have invested in the currency, others are intrigued by the uncertainty of its market. So, while Bitcoin’s price might not be something to rely upon, one thing is for certain; Bitcoin as a subject of conversation (and object of countless web searches) is still extremely popular.

If you’re looking for business ideas around Bitcoin, you might find it worth your while to purchase a premium domain name available for sale,

Why is a combination of two simple words in their simplest form. The 11-letter name is not only easy to remember, it is also easily brandable and it is very difficult to get such a domain name where two very popular words come together to make something memorable.

The name is also intuitive and keyword-rich, which adds value to it. Bitcoin itself is a major keyword, but you can also use the word “Root” around your content, such as going into the “roots” of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and explaining it to the masses, or providing services based on Bitcoin, with the currency being the “root” of your business. Any number of ideas can be used with this domain name.

What it can be used for has a lot of inherent value due to its simplistic nature. At first glance, the words “Bitcoin Root” suggest a history or basics of the cryptocurrency, which is an ideal use for the domain. It can also refer to a place where people will find Bitcoin, hence an entire cryptocurrency trading platform can built on top of this domain name.

Here are some other possible uses of this name.

  • A website providing cryptocurrency learning resources for beginners and enthusiasts, enabling them to use this site as a “root”, or starting point for getting into crypto.
  • A forum for connecting crypto enthusiasts and providing valuable cryptocurrency-related advice, especially Bitcoin
  • A Bitcoin archive, monitoring and recording the coin’s progress and price history, major events related to Bitcoin, and other statistics such as market capitalization.
  • A platform for buying and selling Bitcoin, similar to exchanges such as Coinbase.

How much does it cost?

The asking price for the domain name is $2,498, which may look like a lot. But if you have had any experience buying domain names, you will realize how valuable such a name can be. Along with the domain name, you will also get the associated social media handles:

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