Big Man Tyrone on Fiverr

Gordon Hurd, who plays the Big Man Tyrone, is an entrepreneur who has become popular online for creating short, meme-like testimonial videos on for $5.

It is a pretty simple business. You dress up like a businessman, have a clean background, a computer by the side showing whatever the customer wants and the Big Man Tyrone reads your script in his special way.

The Big Man Tyrone has grown. This is his homepage – and today he charges no less than $30 for a basic 30-word video with no image on the monitor. However, if you click on the image below you will see that the priciest option you can get for a custom video goes up to 743.00


The business idea is relatively easy. He has got a memish personality, business suit, a small room, monitor beside him and energy to read out the testimonials. He is basically used for making meme videos, and there are also businesses using his services to get instant results.

This is his most recent video:

I like this idea because the more videos he makes, the more famous he becomes, the more potential customers will contact him. As I mentioned earlier, he started charging $5 per video.

You can too earn money by offering a unique service on Fiverr, and you should definitely play on your best traits to get the best results. Be persistent with your work and keep improving your offer!

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